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In 2000, serving Turkish maritime and ship industry came together 13 entrepreneurs these days GESAD'ın number of members of an association which was established by a high capacity.

Our goal is to
A variety of means of all types of vessels and marine equipment, which operate in matters relating to maintenance and repair of natural and legal persons to provide cooperation and solidarity , contribute to the development of the Turkish shipbuilding industry , association members and their work has been recognized in the industry , business opportunities and technological developments in the information acquire , the general objectives include training of personnel to help .

21 All the seafood industry and Navigation Services able to take a more forward- century , to represent every aspect of the industry , a strong presence in the international market for gaining a reputation by showing solidarity with and to facilitate co-ordination between members , was founded with the goal of improving employees' training and experience .

The establishment of the Turkish shipbuilding industry to this day continues to work with the aim of contributing to the development of the association , as a priority to contribute to the training of personnel working in shipbuilding work in partnership with international organizations for the purpose of making one of the leading countries in the world's maritime sector has helped to enter .

To accomplish this goal in 2004, interviews were conducted with international organizations . MEDA Project supported by the European Union in 2006 and 2007 in association with the European Training the Trainers seminars were organized .

One of the important activities in Tuzla Ship Specialized Organized Industrial Zone ( OSB ) is considered for the establishment of our çalışmadır.Kurulması Ship Specialized Organized Industrial Zone continue to work for the allocation of land as soon as possible .

For this purpose, the first müracaatımızı in 2006 have made the necessary institutions and organizations . Demand as a result of discussions with members welcomed the allocation of space . Currently, work is ongoing.

In addition, Turkey has recorded positive progress mega yacht market , so manufactured exports artmaktadır.Bu sizes of yachts during the difficulties occur. Contribution to overcome this problem and to increase the export duty on making association for the opening of new locations and Yacht Building Shipyard interviews with public institutions and organizations operate .

In 2004, Yalova - Altınova 40 entrepreneurs come together they formed a part of our association in Altınova yachtsmen to places Cooperative for yacht building in 2006, started to work on taking the necessary permissions .

One of the important activities of the association, which was issued in the name of " GESAD JOURNAL " is.
Our goal is to better our voices be heard in this magazine , to discuss the problems of the sector and our members , has made efforts , accomplishments, Turkey and the best way is to represent the international platform .

Establishment of the Turkish Maritime Platform in 2007, carried out jointly by TUBITAK has been applied for . Currently, the organization continues to work .

As a long-term goal of the Association of Turkish shipbuilding industry and the maritime sector in the world 's largest permanent as a brand is to make all efforts to keep on top of it .
Also at the beginning of the next big targets and the ongoing work of the organization Ship Specialized Organized Industrial Zone ( OSB ) beginning the activity .

This is when we realized our goal of more than 200 new factory sector and providing employment to more than 25,000 in the country and will be provided a major contribution to the sector .

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