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Sea Europe Annual General Meeting


JUNE 26-30
Shipbuilding and Marine providers may SeaEurope Europe Annual Ordinary General Meeting of Shipbuilding and providers may Lithuania Lithuania's capital Vilnius , hosted by the Union , the Kempinski Hotel, Grand Duke was the room . ( 27 - 29Haziran )
GESAD'ın President Ziya Gokalp and International Relations , Deputy Secretary General in charge of the study is represented by Irfan Without the General Assembly and the European Maritime Industry of the industry-leading national associations representing all was the scene of a multi-agency involvement .
Challenges to the table at the meeting in which the European Maritime Industry Competitiveness Council workshop held in May 29 were hospitalized , and views of the European shipping, in line with the approved strategy document constitutes Lidership workshop , long-term financing of the new ship environmental regulations , the authorities of the Member States in research and development , and the opinions and inavosyon approaches were evaluated.
In his speech the President Gorvell Dahl SeaEurope " committed and enthusiastic attitudes as a result of the member states and the European Commission , this initiative ( Leadership 2020 ) , creating a real momentum in the sector during this difficult Maritime Industries has provided political support . Lidership a very important political issue and vitalize the Maritime industry has been the case in both the current and the European Maritime Technology SeaEurope'u for a more competitive future years to align . "He expressed his views .
 Tier III NOx regulations for standards of history " upon recommendation of IMO with" 2016 2021 criticized the withdrawal of resources and energy , who makes this approach to eco-friendly activities and negatively impact entrepreneurs will create uncertainty in the sector with an emphasis on a very serious European Ship Building, Maintenance and Repair Organisations and equipment entering the process of working more closely with the European Commission , will become aggressive in addressing environmental practices specified.
European Maritime Technology Business with the poor conditions of the market taking into account the long-term that characterizes the moment is the new Ship Finance meeting, were among the topics discussed .
 Long-term , comprehensive financial system on behalf of the realization of the efficient execution of projects and the accessibility of financial resources for the European Maritime Industry "life" of the importance was highlighted.
Sea Europe's priority " Focus on Research and Development and the 'innovation " Horizon 2020 that is being expressed and the Waterborne Technology Platform for the coordination of national associations representing the Public - Private Partnership with the goal of economic efficiency by developing a higher and more secure, ensuring the continuation of the shipbuilding emphasized.
Member State representatives in the last session of the General Assembly and the future plans for your comments and suggestions were recorded . In this session , who spoke on behalf of Turkey GESAD President Zia GÖKALP Marine Industry , Marine Industry, adversely affecting Europe and Turkey, the pressure of the crisis , particularly in the sector of employment and production figures , but this process has created serious erosion and the European Commission SeaEurope GESAD studies as an effective Shipping industry in Turkey in cooperation with the vision to appoint and keep in the work sector is very important to keep away from the impact of the crisis is expressed ;
" Leadership - Horizon 2020 studies conducted in Europe under the umbrella of SeaEurope destination, the public - private sector cooperation with the university sector corporate approach for reconstruction has been emphasized from the very beginning .
In this context, the preparations started by the Ministry of Industry , "Turkey Marine Industry Strategy " workshop and the support we give great importance as GESAD . Structuring and planning for the future of Europe after the crisis, we have closely monitored . This experience in both universities and industry , taking into account the conditions of our country Bakanlığımız'la share. Our goal as GESAD sector , to increase the level of competitiveness , innovation -axis , high- value-added production capability reaching the Maritime Market in Europe and the world takes its rightful place , and share . "
the views he expressed .
The General Assembly also , instead of the current President Lars Gorvel Dahll'ın IHC Merwede (the Netherlands) decided to bring Hamers'in Govert CEO . Nearly 2,400 member companies and the current President Dahll üzre known more than 130,000 jobs , representing the Federation of Norwegian Maritime Industry was appointed as the General Manager . Hamers , as of October 2013 SeaEurope will begin to serve as Chairman .
Date of the General Assembly Litvanya'nınn Pirkliu SeaEurope Klubas'da venues and public commemorative photo shoot of the Gala Dinner came to an end .


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